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204. Supporting IL24TE 2016


This post gives a supporter's view of IL24TE, the Israeli 24 Hours Timed Event.

This post complements the previous post, about my solo ride of 24 hours time trial.

A few preliminary words:

The way I see it, cycling should be accessible to all.
It should not be an expensive sport. It can be done using cheap equipment, and there's really no need for bling.

This is one of the reasons that our registration costs are relatively low.
Most of the fees went into the car costs, and water and food for the riders.
The car was used to carry drop-bags for the riders from/to Tel Aviv to the start/finish, and to carry marshals at the end of the ride, when riders kept on going after 24 hours, to get parts of a section validated.

It took almost a year between the time I felt I was ready to run this event, and the start time.
All along this time, I felt that everything is going smoothly.
I credit that to 7 years of organizing ACP sanctioned brevets, including one 1,200 km brevet with more than 25 riders coming to Israel from abroad.

All was ready.

There were 2 riders registered to ride the 24 Hours:
Shuki Razinovsky (IL) and Mordechai Peckar (IL)
One one rider registered to ride the 6 Hours (to begin 18 hours after the 24 Hours' start.) Gerald Eddlemon (US)

I arrived to the area a little more than an hour before the official start time,
and used the time to mark potholes (e.g. 1, 2, 3)

Riders arrived more than 30 minutes before the start time, and we all rolled to the location.We stood there about a minute, and all counted down shouting from 10 to 1, and GO!.

We offered support to the riders in the form of filling and handing water bottles, and giving access to their drop-bags.
The riders had their own additional support:
Shuki had a friend during the night hours, and his sister in the morning.
Mordechai had a friend during the night hours.
Gerald counted on our support.

This is the time to say Thank You to Lev Broitman for helping me throughout most of the ride, and David Diki Tidhar who served as a marshal at the end.

This is the first 24 hours Time Trial to the 2 Israeli riders, and they used different approaches.

Shuki had minimal stops, and relied on our support that was on the course at the start/fnish location.
He had all his stuff organized in one small bag plus extra bottles.

Mordechai relied on stuff in his own car, away from the course, which meant he needed to do a 200 meters detour to the car and back to the same spot where he left the course.
He had his stuff all around his car, and sometimes wasted valuable time looking for stuff.
He also had 2 bikes (a road bike with conventional aluminum wheels and a TT bike with deep Carbon Fiber wheels.)
In the last 4 hours Mordechai realized he wasted lots of time, and used our support.

Every time Shuki passed the star/finish location he shouted what he wanted ready for his next pass, and his crew was getting it ready.
He did several stops of 5 minutes or more, where he asked his crew to time it, and at the end of the timer he jumped back on his bike.
In most of the stops he stayed with his helmet and gloves on.
Without his crew, Shuki would have wasted more time.
Mordechai's stops were longer, and sometimes he look like he wasn't prepared.
One time he tried to put the CF wheels on his road bike, and in the process realizing that his brake pads aren't compatible with the wheels' braking surface.
He went to the bathroom at the nearby convenience store, and waiting in line to buy food and drink.

Mordechai started with his regular road bike (night riding,) and in the morning switched to his TT bike, and then again another switch, around noon, to his road bike.

Side Note:
Since this is a flat course, to try and get good mileage, the riders didn't realize how strenuous this can be, and didn't change their contact points positions as often as the should have.
They suffered from in their hands and rear-end.
One rider had his crew fetch him a special ointment which I had to take a pic of. :-)

Gerry rolled in to the area about 40 minutes before his start time.
I was there checking his bike, and taking pics.
He used a rented road bike to which he added his own aerobar.
He filled his top tube bag with food, and I made a reference to the Blues Brothers. :-)
We counted out loud from 10 to 1, and GO!

Gerry was efficient when he passed us.
He only needed water, and sometimes dates.
He had a water bottle attached to his aerobar, and wasted time having it filled.
I believe he should have used regular water bottles and just do a rolling-replace when passing us.
Instead, he stopped for about 1 minute on every lap, which could give him at least one more km, if not 2 or more (as the section after he stopped was downhill and riders were going fast there.)

Throughout the event I maintained a live tracking page which listed each rider's start and finish time of every lap.
This can be used to compare lap times, and even more so - Stop time between laps.
Shuki had a flat on his Lap 18.
Mordechai rested during his Lap 4, and Lap 7. On his Lap 11 and Lap 13 he stopped to rest from his rear-end aches.

Towards the end, Gerry arrived first, about 26 minutes before the official finish time, and after a 1 minute stop continued to get more miles from another section or two.

Mordechai arrived 17 minutes before the official finish time, and decided to stop after completing 16 laps and a distance of 441.6 km, or 274.2 miles, in 24 hours.

Shuki arrived one minute after Mordechai, at 16 minutes before the official finish time, and continued for another section without stopping, only one bottle change.

Although Diki and Lev were waiting at the next intersection, to get Gerry and Shuki's time, I had time to drive there myself, and that's what I did.
I was in the middle of a bunch of cars, and saw Shuki and Gerry riding.
I had a few minutes before they arrived.

Gerry arrived at the next intersection at 1 minute before the official finish time, and stopped at a distance of 146.3 km, or 90.8 miles, in 6 hours.

Shuki arrived at the next intersection at 9 minute after the official finish time, and his calculated distance is 557.3 km, or 346.1 miles, in 24 hours.

Official Results:

24 Hours:

Place In
Name Category Dist.
1 1 Shuki Razinovski (IL) 24H, M, 50-59,
557.3 346.1 Merckx,
2 1 Tal Katzir (IL) 24H, M, 40-49,
505.1 313.7 Merckx,
No Support
3 2 Mordechai Peckar (IL) 24H, M, 50-59,
441.6 274.2 TT,

6 Hours:

Place In
Name Category Dist.
1 1 Gerald Eddlemon (US) 6H, M, 70+,
146.3 90.8 TT,

Official Web Site
Tal's ride report
Official results for the 24 Hours
Official results for the 6 Hours


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